About ArchiveApp

Our mission
ArchiveApp.org mission is saving information about great job of many great people whose create or created Open Source and/or Freeware (digital) applications.
The applications we store here are created to be used under Linux, BSD, DOS, Solaris, Windows, OSX, Android, iOS and others, independent develop platforms.
The ArchiveApp.org started in 2018 with the name of SoftMania.org

Why we do that?
The most important is to save information and let the next generations of users find them, try them (if possible to download) and learn about them as much as possible.
Most of our stored applications are still under development and can be used for daily usage on production workstations, desktop, laptops, smartphones, netbooks, etc., but some of them (marked as “NOT under development”) have been only archived here and could be used for education purpose only, on your own risk.

Which ones?
The most important criteria are:
– freely available to download from its project (or archive) page
– released under open/free license are preferable, but others can be added too
– active projects preferable, but non active can be added too to save the info

I you have an idea how to improve ArchiveApp.org, or want to propose an application to be added to, or would like to help writing post at ArchiveApp.org – simply send a message out via our contact form.

Sister projects
ArchiveApp.org is a sister project of ArchiveOS which archives old (and present) operating systems, and ArchiveGame as well.

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