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Category: Network
Subcategory: Web browsers
Platform: Linux, Windows
License: MPL
Interface: GUI
First release: November 17, 2017

Basilisk – a free and Open Source XUL-based web browser, featuring the well-known Firefox-style interface and operation. It is based on the Goanna layout and rendering engine (a fork of Gecko) and builds on the Unified XUL Platform (UXP), which in turn is a fork of the Mozilla code base without Servo or Rust. Basilisk is primarily a reference application for development of the XUL platform it builds upon, and additionally a potential replacement for Firefox. Basilisk retains the user interface of the Firefox version 29–56 era.

Main features:
– Full support for JavaScript’s ECMAscript 6 standard for modern web browsing.
– Support for all NPAPI plugins (Unity, Silverlight, Flash, Java, authentication plugins, etc.).
– Support for XUL/Overlay Mozilla-style extensions.
– Experimental support for WebExtensions (in gecko-target mode). Please note that some Mozilla-specific WebExtension APIs are not yet available.
– Support for ALSA on Linux.
– Support for WebAssembly (WASM).
– Support for advanced Graphite font shaping features.
– Support for modern web cryptography: up to TLS 1.3, modern ciphers, HSTS, etc.

The project developer is M.C. Straver.

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