Web site: jspwiki.apache.org Category: Network Subcategory: Wiki Platform: Cross-platform License: Apache Interface: Web-interface Wikipedia: First release: 2001 JSPWiki – a wiki software built around standard Java J2EE components, servlets and JSP. The application was originally written by Janne Jalkanen in 2001 and released under the LGPL license. As of July 2013, JSPWiki is a top-level … Read more

AOL Shield Pro


Web site: www.aol.com/products/browsers/shield-pro Category: Network Subcategory: Web browsers Platform: Windows License: Freeware Interface: GUI Wikipedia: First release: unknown AOL Shield Pro – the AOL Shield Pro browser provides protection with a whole host of advanced security features, so you can worry less about online threats as you go about your day. AOL Shield Pro Browser … Read more



Web site: www.ekiga.org Category: Network Subcategory: VoIP Clients Platform: Linux, Unix-like, Windows License: GNU GPL Interface: GUI Wikipedia: Ekiga First release: 2009 Ekiga – a SIP and H.323 VoIP, IP Telephony and Video Conferencing application which complies to the SIP and H.323 protocols. It can connect to a variety of other SIP and H323 applications … Read more



Web site: marknoteapp.com Category: Office Subcategory: Notes Platform: Linux License: GNU GPL, GNU LGPL, BSD Interface: GUI Wikipedia: First release: March 29, 2024 Marknote – the KDE’s WYSIWYG note-taking application. Marknote lets you create rich text notes and easily organise them into notebooks. You can personalise your notebooks by choosing an icon and accent color … Read more



Web site: github.com/deadsy/py_linenoise Category: Office Subcategory: Text Editors Platform: Cross-platform License: MIT Interface: CLI Wikipedia: First release: 2016 py_linenoise – a port of linenoise to Python. Features: – Single line editing – Multiline editing – Input from files/pipes – Input from unsupported terminals – History – Completions – Hints – Line buffer initialization: Set an … Read more