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Web site: lab-fgb.com/abaco/
Category: Network
Subcategory: Web Browsers
Platform: Linux, Plan 9
License: Lucent Public License
Interface: GUI
First release: 2005 ?

Abaco – a multi-page graphical web browser for Plan 9 intended to retrieve and display web pages while trying to be as congruent as possible with system. It is a multi-threaded and modest-sized program. Abaco supports most of the HTML 4.1 standard, including frames, tables and other tags.

Abaco uses webfs presents a file system interface to the parsing and retrieving of URLs and also handles cookies. Abaco uses it to fetch URLs, to find their content type and to get the actual URL if a redirection has occurred.

Abaco is written completely in C and the program source is small, currently con­ sists of less than eight thousand lines of code. It avoids code duplication by interacting with set of existing Plan 9 utilities and a file server. Abaco is constructed by a set of corroutines, two threads and two processes.
There is a thread for mouse and another for the keyboard. There is also a process that awaits for messages from the plumber and another process used as a timer. These coroutines use channels to communicate with each other.

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