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Category: Network
Subcategory: Peer2Peer Clients
Platform: Linux, MorphOS, OS X, UNIX-like, Windows
License: GPL
Interface: GUI
Programing language: Assebbly, C, OCaml
First release: 2001

MLDonkey – a multi-platform multi-networks peer-to-peer client. Originally, it was the first open-source client to access the eDonkey network. The protocol was reverse-engeneered using an efficient protocol sniffer, Pandora.

MLDonkey runs as back-end server application on many platforms. It can be controlled through a user interface provided by one of many separate front-ends, including a Web interface, telnet interface and over a dozen native client programs.

Supported networks include:
– eDonkey (with Overnet and Kad)
– BitTorrent (with DHT)
– Direct Connect
– HTTP/FTP MLDonkey core runs as a background daemon and provides several control interfaces : telnet, web, and binary protocol for third party GUIs.

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