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Category: Network
Subcategory: Web Browsers
Platform: Android, iOS, OS X, Windows
License: Freeware
Interface: GUI
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Sleipnir – a web browser that supports two rendering engines Trident and Webkit and supports technologies such as CSS 3 and HTML 5, the Webkit engine is enabled as default. The main advantage of the program is the Fenrir Pass service, which enables synchronization of browser data between different computers and portable (mobile) devices. Thanks to this service, users can transfer configuration settings of the browser along with all the documentation (favorite sites, phone numbers, etc.).

The browser has also a RSS feed reader, which stores data in the local environment what lets users browse and read RSS news faster than other readers. It also offers documents translation, supports mouse gestures and actions, and also has a fast search engine of popular Google, Amazon, Twitter and YouTube websites.

Users can also customize appearance of the browser’s graphical interface by changing its skin and other graphics elements. Sleipnir also supports plugins and user scripts. Browsing web pages using this browser is very convenient, especially in full-screen mode. In addition, it enables grouping cards, editing CSS styles, viewing source code, supporting social networking sites, creating screenshots, as well as importing data from other web browsers. The JavaScript and ActiveX controles are also supported, but cen be turned off if required.

The Sleipnir web browser is developed by Fenrir Inc. company, located in Japan.

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