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Category: Office
Subcategory: Text Editors
Platform: Windows
License: Proprietary
Interface: GUI
Wikipedia: vEdit
First release: 1980

vEdit – a text editor for 8080/Z-80-based systems, Microsoft Windows and MS-DOS develops by Greenview Data, Inc.

Edit, convert and sort text, data and binary files with incredible speed. vEdit Pro64 can handle files of virtually any size, even 100GB or larger.

Main features:
– Edit Almost Any File
– Convert Files and Formats
– Automate Routine Tasks
– Sort Huge Files
– Configurable Menus and Keyboard
– Advanced Search and Replace
– Block Operations

dit any size text, data or binary file (even 100GB+) with vEdit Pro64. Standard vEdit supports files up to 2GB. Written in hand-optimized assembly language, VEDIT edits huge files quickly, such as 500+ megabyte files for a CD-ROM or DVD.

vEdit easily handles any type of file you can throw at it, even those with strange control characters, corrupted files, binary files, database files, fixed-width files, and more.

Various display modes show the file in its native format or any one you choose, including ASCII, Hex, Octal, Binary, and EBCDIC.

VEDIT converts between Windows/DOS, UNIX and Mac text files; and supports other useful conversions.
– Convert between fixed-length records and normal text files
– Convert between flat file (database) and delimited (e.g., csv) formats
– Convert between binary and hex
– Convert between EBCDIC and ASCII
– Convert tabs to spaces (called “detab”)
– Pad a text file to make all lines the same length.
– Strip trailing spaces from a text file.

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