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Category: Network
Subcategory: Instant Messenger, IRC Clients
Platform: OS X
License: GPL
Interface: GUI
First release: September 28, 2001

Adium – a free and open source instant messaging application for Mac OS X that can connect to AIM, XMPP (Jabber), ICQ, IRC and more. Based on the libpurple protocol library, Adium can connect you to any number of messaging accounts on any combination of supported messaging services (see further down for the list) and then chat with other people using those services.

The main features of Adium are:
– Open Source, so everyone can see how Adium works and help improve it.
– Support for a wide range of different Instant Messaging services
– A delightful UI: Tabbed chat windows
– Mac OS X integration: Address Book integration and WebKit Message View: Theme your chat windows
– Combined Contacts: Merge your contacts so that each one represents a person, not an account
– A sophisticated events system including support for visual notifications via Growl and OS X’s notification Center
– OTR Encryption
– File Transfer
– Xtras and many, many other customization options
– A beautiful icon, the “Adiumy” duck
– Translations: Adium speaks 27 different languages

Adium supports protocols such as:
– XMPP (including Google Talk, Facebook Chat, and LiveJournal services)
– OSCAR (including AIM and ICQ)
– Twitter
– Bonjour
– Novell GroupWise
– IBM Sametime
– Gadu-Gadu

Adium also supports protocols via plugins:
– Skype & Skype for Business Server
– Telegram
– QQ
– Steam chat
– NateOn

The project founder is Adam Iser.

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