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Last Updated on: 12th December 2023, 05:11 pm

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Category: Network
Subcategory: Forums
Platform: Cross-platform
License: GNU GPL
Interface: Web-interface
First release: 2009

Advanced Forum – a forum module for Drupal content management system.

Advanced Forum builds on and enhances Drupal’s core forum module. When used in combination with other Drupal contributed modules, many of which are automatically used by Advanced Forum, you can achieve much of what stand alone software provides. Because it uses the core forum module, it uses the node and comment system built into Drupal and is completely integrated, not a bridge. While it doesn’t have all of the features of stand alone forum applications, being completely integrated into your site provides advantages that they don’t.

* Search in all forums
* Mark all forums read
* Integration with taxonomy image for per forum icons
* Folder icons that show new posts
* Linked number of new posts as well as new topics
* Linked name of last updated thread
* Containers split into their own HTML tables for better theming
* Icon legend for forum folder icons
* Forum statistics section with active members, latest member, member count, topic count, and post count
* Search in single forum
* Mark all topics read
* Pager on top
* Topic list is a view so fully customizable through the Views UI
* Sticky topics have extra markup to theme whole sticky section
* Updated forum icons from Drupal 7 (easily replaceable within the style instead of stored in “misc” directory)
* Column for number of topic views *3
* Last post shows info from topic starting node if no replies
* Last post shows actual time instead of time ago
* Icon legend for forum topic icons
* Hover over title to see teaser
* Encapsulated switchable styles
* 22 template files for detailed theming
* Ability to create substyles that inherit template files and CSS
* Images handled in CSS
* Page Manager integration for customizing through the UI
* and more…

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