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Category: Network
Subcategory: Web browsers
Platform: Android, Linux, OS X, Windows
License: MPL
Interface: GUI
First release: unknown

Decentr – a browser with unparalleled speed, security and utility. Included in the browser release is free VPN and Adblock. It is an intuitive Web3 blockchain/metaverse browser and custom blockchain that securely stores user browsing data as part of a user’s Decentr ID (DecID).

It’s a bridge between internet users and applications developed with distributed ledger technology, an open source platform, which enables you to manage and pay with your Personal Data Value.

Decentralized blockchain browser allows users to access and retrieve data across multiple partner chains. This means our Web3/metaverse browser (called the ‘metabrowser’) is for Web3 and the metaverse what Netscape was for Web2 – a foundational Web3 and metaverse solution that supports mass adoption of multiple, integrated technologies to create the Metaweb

– Own your personal user data – Each visit online remains part of your personal ID, which is stored securely on your DecID
– Stake or become a validator – Easy staking using Decentr browser
– Explorer – All transactions, validators, blocks
– Wallet right in the Decentr browser – All transactions in great UI

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