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Web site: github.com/tsujan/FeatherPad
Category: Office
Subcategory: Text Editors
Platform: Linux, OS X, OS/2, Haiku, BSD
License: GNU GPL
Interface: GUI
Wikipedia: FeatherPad
First release: 2016

FeatherPad – a lightweight Qt plain-text editor for Linux. FeatherPad was written in GTK+ at first, then ported to Qt with more features.

It is independent of any desktop environment and has:
– Drag-and-drop support, including tab detachment and attachment;
– X11 virtual desktop awareness (using tabs on current desktop but opening a new window on another);
– An optionally permanent search-bar with a different search entry for each tab;
– Instant highlighting of found matches when searching;
– A docked window for text replacement;
– Support for showing line numbers and jumping to a specific line;
– Optional selection highlighting;
– Automatic detection of text encoding as far as possible and optional saving with encoding;
– Syntax highlighting for common programming languages;
– Ability to open URLs with appropriate applications;
– Session management;
– Side-pane mode;
– Auto-saving;
– Spell checking with Hunspell;
– Printing;
– Text zooming;
– Appropriate but non-interrupting prompts; and
– Other features that can be found in its settings, on its menus or when it is actually used.

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