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Platform: Cross-platform
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Interface: Web-interface
Wikipedia: Google Sites
First release: February 28, 2008

Google Sites (previously: JotSpot and Google Page Creator) – a structured tool for creating wikis and websites offered by Google. The stated goal of Google Sites is to enable anyone to create simple websites that support collaboration between different editors. Google Sites are part of the Google Docs suite.

Google Sites started as JotSpot, the only product from a software company that offered enterprise social software. It was addressed mainly to small and medium-sized enterprises. The company was founded by Joe Kraus and Graham Spencer, co-founders of Excite.

– The responsive design of the new themes provides a page preview rendering feature that appears on both desktop and mobile devices before the page is finally published.
– Domain name mapping – Owners can map their sites to a custom domain name.
– Drag and drop editing – page elements can be dragged and dropped and automatically arranged in a grid.
– Permission levels (“owner”, “editor” and “viewer”).
– Support for HTML and JavaScript embedding.
– Automatic multi-level menu.
– Integration with Google Drive, Google Maps and more.
– Designing and editing website layout.
– Embedding images, logos, documents or videos.

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