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Last Updated on: 12th December 2023, 12:31 pm

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Category: Network
Subcategory: Wiki, Microblogging, Document manager, Web conferencing
Platform: Cross-platform
License: Proprietary
Interface: Web-interface
Wikipedia: Central Desktop
First release: 2014

iMeet® Central (formerly Central Desktop) – connects people across teams, buildings, time zones and continents. Build online workspaces where team members rally around a common goal. Share files and centralize communication so you’re more organized and more productive.

iMeet® Central streamlines and centralizes your files, communications, projects and meetings into a single system, making you more efficient and effective. You have fewer tools to maintain and fewer passwords to remember. Work from any location, on any device, because when it’s all stored in the cloud, you’re never tied to a desk, a device or an office.

– Organize & Centralize – Workspace Environments, Cloud Collaboration, Resources, System Integration
– Plan & Manage – Project Planning, Task Assignments, Document Management, Version Control
– Share & Collaborate – File Sharing, Commenting and Discussions, Team Calendars
– Automate & Streamline – Custom Business Process, Form Workflow, Document Routing, Proofing and Approvals
– Track & Report – Project Status, Gantt Charts, Custom Reporting, Usage Statistics
– Secure & Relax – Security, Infrastructure, Service Level Agreements, Support, Implementation, Training, Professional Services

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