Web site: misago-project.org Category: Network Subcategory: Forums Platform: Cross-platform License: GNU GPL Interface: Web-interface Wikipedia: First release: 2014 Misago – a complete, featured and modern forum solution that has no fear to say ‘NO’ to common and outdated opinions about how forum software should be made and what it should do. Like in any full … Read more Misago


atom editor

Web site: atom.io Category: Office Subcategory: Text Editors Platform: Linux, OS X, Windows License: MIT Interface: GUI Programing language: CoffeeScript, JavaScript First release: February 26, 2014 Atom – a hackable text editor for the 21st Century. Atom is a free and open source text editor that is modern, approachable, and hackable to the core. Goals: … Read more Atom

Private Incognito Browser

private incognito browser

Web site: github.com/lechneal/Private-Incognito-Browser Category: Network Subcategory: Web browsers Platform: Android License: MPL Interface: GUI Programing language: Java First release: March 2014 Private Incognito Browser – an open-source, LightningBrowser based web browser for Android device users. The web browser offers private surfing with the free incognito internet browser, private data and cookies (on request in cache) … Read more Private Incognito Browser



Web site: brackets.io Category: Office Subcategory: HTML Editors Platform: Linux, OS X, Windows License: MIT Interface: GUI Programing language: JavaScript First release: 2014 Brackets – a modern open-source code editor for HTML, CSS and JavaScript that’s built in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. What makes Brackets different from other web code editors? * Tools shouldn’t get … Read more Brackets



Web site: rclone.org Category: Network Subcategory: File Backup and Sync Platform: BSD, Linux, OS X, Plan9, Solaris, Windows License: MIT Interface: CLI Programing language: Go First release: July 2014 Rclone – a command line program to manage files on cloud storage. It is a feature rich alternative to cloud vendors’ web storage interfaces. Over 40 … Read more Rclone