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INKY – the most effective solution in the war against phishing and the smartest investment you can make in the security of your organization. INKY is an affordable cloud-based email security platform designed to be far more than artificially intelligent. She understands email, searches for signs of fraud, and can spot imposters by a pixel. That’s why INKY is the only solution that can prevent phishing by catching pretty much everything from spam and malware, to the deepest and darkest threats.

INKY uses machine learning and computer vision to identify and block zero-day phishing emails that get through legacy email systems. Using the most advanced detection techniques INKY blocks malicious phishing attacks on Microsoft O365, Exchange, and Google Workspace.

Mobile phishing protection that works wherever your employees are. Protect your business, anywhere employees are checking email. Mobile devices have undoubtedly changed the lives of modern digital workers forever, increasing productivity and collaboration for most.

Computer Vision is what sets INKY apart from other solutions. With self-adapting AI algorithms and a deep understanding of how email works INKY keeps up with how email is changing.

Main features:
– No additional install. No need to manage a 3rd party app. Works on iPhone, Android, and Google.
– INKY’s banners are always visible across any device, no matter where you are.
– “Report this email” function works on desktop, mobile or tablet. Whenever a users finds a suspicious email, they can easily report the email to the admin to investigate further.
– INKY’s warning banners catch even the most elusive of threats, while protecting, training, and empowering users across the enterprise.
– INKY lives in the cloud and integrates seamlessly into your existing systems within minutes with zero downtime.

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