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Category: Network
Subcategory: Web browsers
Platform: DOS, Linux, OpenVMS, OS/2, OS X, UNIX-like, Windows
License: GPL
Interface: GUI, CLI
First release: 1999

Links – a web browser running in both graphics and text mode released under GPL, Links is a free software.

Links features:
– runs on Linux, BSD, UNIX in general, OS/2, Cygwin under Windows, AtheOS, BeOS, FreeMint
– runs in graphics mode (mouse required) on X Window System (UN*X, Cygwin), SVGAlib, Linux Framebuffer, OS/2 PMShell, AtheOS GUI
– runs in text mode (mouse optional) on UN*X console, ssh/telnet virtual terminal, vt100 terminal, xterm, and virtually any other text terminal. Mouse is supported for GPM, xterm, and OS/2. Links supports colors on terminal
– ported to Sony PSP platform as PSPRadio
– ported to BeOS with GUI support, also runs on Haiku
– easy and quick user control via pull-down menu in both text and graphics mode, in 25 languages
– HTML 4.0 support (without CSS)
– HTTP 1.1 support
– tables, frames in both graphics and text mode, builtin image display in graphics mode
– builtin image display for GIF, JPEG, PNG, XBM, TIFF in graphics mode
– anti-advertisement animation filter in animated GIFs
– bookmarks
– background file downloads
– automatic reconnection in case of TCP connection breakdown
– keepalive connections
– background (asynchronous) DNS lookup
– possibility to hook up external programs for all MIME types, possibility to choose one of more programs at every opening
– 48-bit high-quality image gamma correction, resampling and Floyd-Steinberg dithering in all color depths
– font resampling (antialiasing) for virtually unlimited pitch range, LCD optimization of fonts and images
– builtin fonts in the executable without reliance on any fonts installed in the system
– user-adjustable menu, HTML font size and image zoom factor
– user-adjustable display gammas (red, green, blue), viewing-condition correction gamma and precise calibration of both monitor and Links on a calibration pattern
– automatic aspect ratio correction for modes like 640×200, 640×400, 320×200 with user-adjustable manual aspect ratio correction
– support for one-wheel mice (vertical scroll), two-wheel mice (vertical and horizontal scroll) and smooth scrolling by grabbing the plane with a mouse (no wheel needed)

Links authors: 1999-2002 Mikulas Patocka, 2000-2002 Karel Kulhavy, Petr Kulhavy, Martin Pergel. Mikuláš Patočka started writing Links (text mode those days) in 1999. In 2000 Marting Pergel, Petr Kulhavý and Karel Kulhavý joined the project to add graphics and Javascript capabilities into Links together with Mikuláš Patočka. The program has been written mainly as a hobby and also as a school project.

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