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Web site: lostirc.sourceforge.net
Category: Network
Subcategory: IRC Clients
Platform: BSD, Linux, UNIX-like
License: GPL
Interface: GUI
First release: 2001 ?

LostIRC – a simple, yet very useful IRC client. It has features such as tab-autocompletion, multiple server support, automatic joining of servers/channels, logging and DCC sending which should cover the needs of most people. Another goal that the application has in mind, is 100% keyboard controlability. It was written using the gtkmm GUI library.

LostIRC was in its early days, written as an educational project to create and design a medium-sized C++ application. Now, when that goal has been reached, it’s just plain hobby and fun to maintain and enhance the application further.

Main features are:
– Simple and minimal – the client doesn’t try to satisfy the needs of 99% of the globe, this means that the client almost exclusively has “nice” features, compared to many other clients which can be considered bloated to some extent.
– Keyboard controlled – you can use the mouse if you want to, but you are also free to keep your fingers at the keyboard and control everything from there. Sometimes it’s actually faster.
– Tab-completion – both nicks and IRC-commands can be autocompleted when using the TAB key. This can speed up your typing quite a bit, especially if you are talking to people with a complicated or lengthy nick. to /JOIN etc.)
– Multiple server support – The client can in theory connect to an unlimited number of IRC-servers at once. When getting disconnected from a server, LostIRC automatically reconnects and joins the channels that you were previously on.
– Automatic joining of servers and channels – In LostIRC’s preferences, you can setup exactly which servers you want to connect to when starting LostIRC. You can also specify exactly which commands that should be executed on connect, e.g. you could put /JOIN #foo,#bar to join #foo and #bar.
– Logging – Again in Preferences, you can set up LostIRC to log data from your LostIRC sessions to a file.
– DCC SEND support – While this feature hasn’t been perfected yet, LostIRC supports both receiving and sending of files using the DCC protocol.

Currently, LostIRC runs on open source operating systems such as Linux and *BSD, but the code is written with portability in mind, so porting to other operating systems is still an open option for anyone who wants to do it.

The project founder is Morten Brix Pedersen.

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