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Category: Network
Subcategory: Wiki
Platform: Cross-platform
License: GNU GPL
Interface: Web-interface
Wikipedia: MediaWiki
First release: January 25, 2002

MediaWiki – an open source Wiki application distributed under the GNU GPL license.

The development of MediaWiki was started in mid-2001 by the then Wikipedia developer and Cologne University student Magnus Mansk. It is developed by the Wikimedia Foundation and the first stable version was published on January 25, 2002.

The MediaWiki application is written in the PHP programming language and requires an SQLite, MySQL or PostgreSQL database.
It has a modular structure, it can be enriched with new functions by installing extensions, the number of which exceeds 2000. The user interface has been fully or partially translated on, into over 300 languages.

The MediaWiki software is used by tens of thousands of websites and thousands of companies and organizations. It powers Wikipedia and also this website. MediaWiki helps you collect and organize knowledge and make it available to people. It’s powerful, multilingual, free and open, extensible, customizable, reliable, and free of charge.

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