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Web site: pukiwiki.osdn.jp
Category: Network
Subcategory: Wiki
Platform: Cross-platform
License: GNU GPL
Interface: Web-interface
Wikipedia: PukiWiki
First release: Jukly 15, 2002

PukiWiki (“PoohKeyWeKey” comes from “PHP” and “YukiWiki”) – a wiki implementation that runs on PHP 4 and 5, displays XHTML 1.1, has many plugins (including one for bug tracking) and skins (such as a plugin for built-in browsers), allows configuration in English and/or UTF-8 and includes case-insensitive WikiNames. Formatting rules are based on YukiWiki. ‘B-Wiki’ and ‘PukiWikiMod’ are moved to XOOPS. The application is ready for PHP7 (version 1.5.1 or newer).

yu-ji (known as sng) created PukiWiki and continued its development until version 1.3 was released. After his retirement, management was handed over to the PukiWiki development team.

Specifications and features:
– Written in PHP
– Support for 2-byte strings (including kanji)
– InterWikiki Support
– Periodic backup
– All data is stored as plain text
– “slash” divides content into a directory-like hierarchy
– Index of pages not yet created
– Case-sensitive WikiNames
– Autolinking for WikiNames
– Backlink Index
– Alias for WikiName
– Custom string replacements
– Protection against edit conflicts
– Automatic generation of content tables
– Read-only support
– RSS feeds with the latest changes
– Many third-party plugins provided by users
– And more

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