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Category: Network
Subcategory: Wiki, Project Management, Bug Tracking System, Blog
Platform: Cross-platform
License: BSD, GNU GPL
Interface: Web-interface
Wikipedia: Fossil_(software)
First release: 2006

Fossil – an open source software configuration management system that provides a distributed version control system, bug tracking system, wiki documentation page builder and blogging module.

Fossil is a cross-platform application and can be run on Linux, BSD derivatives, Mac and Windows.

The application has a built-in web interface that provides a comprehensive tracking system and informs about situations requiring intervention.
User, thanks to the “fossil ui” command, which automatically opens a web browser, allows you to check the details of the history and information status of the project.

Fossil does not use any other built-in protocols and TCP ports to communicate with the network. Fossil only uses HTTP (or HTTPS or SSH), which enables good connectivity outside of restrictive firewalls using an intermediary server.

A distributed version control system does not require a central server, but collaboration is easier using one.

The content of the application data is written via the SQLite database system.

Fossil is open source, released under the BSD license (earlier versions under the GPL).

The project founder is D. Richard Hipp.

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