Microsoft OneNote

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Category: Office
Subcategory: Notes
Platform: Android, iOS, OS X, Windows
License: Freemium
Interface: GUI
Wikipedia: Microsoft OneNote
First release: November 19, 2003

Microsoft OneNote – a computer program, a notebook working in graphic mode intended for creating and organizing notes. OneNote first appeared in Microsoft Office 2003. It is also available as a standalone application.

OneNote can run on a desktop computer as well as Microsoft Tablet PCs, where you can create notes with a pen and then transcribe your handwriting into normal text. The program can also be installed on phones or palmtops with Windows Mobile, Android and iOS.

The application uses the OneDrive cloud, which allows editing and data synchronization between devices and users. Changes made by other users automatically update the notebook for others. The program has a version control system, which allows you to roll back to previous versions.

It is possible to create tables and edit notebook metadata, such as date and time.

OneNote provides two-way conversion of content to the formats of other Office programs.

OneNote allows you to record and play audio. The recording is sent to Microsoft servers and converted into text using speech recognition algorithms, so it is also included in text searches. The program also has an optical text recognition function.

Access rights are managed using OneDrive or the Microsoft SharePoint platform. There are only two types of permissions available: the right to edit or not.

Mac OS users cannot add documents created by other applications, including Microsoft applications, to Notebook.

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