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Web site:
Category: Network
Subcategory: IRC clients, IM
Platform: Cross-platform
License: Proprietary
Interface: Web interface
First release: November 2007

Mobbit – an online chat client that supports a variety of Platforms including all popular web browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. It does this without any special browser plugins; a Javascript-enabled browser/device is all that is required. The Mibbit Widget Manager is used by many webmasters to provide a real time chat window embedded onto their websites.

Main features:
– Both a main client, and a widget client. Premium widget available.
– Fast & lightweight.
– Connect to multiple servers (main only) and channels through use of tabs.
– SSL Support.
– Default UTF-8 character set; many other character sets possible.
– Typing notification in Userlist (By default, users names’ turns red while they are typing).
– Recent Chat (disabled by default per channel).
– Extended Whois information.
– Device identification – Wii users show up as a joystick, iPod touch show up as an ipod, iPhone as a phone… You get the idea. This makes it easy to tell why someone is typing slowly for instance.
– Parsing of links, channels, Smilies, mIRC color, and IRC URLs.
– Ability to save and edit Preferences.
– Tab-Nickname Completion.
– View thumbnails of images and YouTube videos
– Input history for each channel.
– Integrated Pastebin, language translation, and Minify URL Service.
– Aliases.
– Filters to replace text you send and/or receive.
– User menu commands.

The project founder is Jimmy Moore.

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