Web site: Category: Network Subcategory: Wiki Platform: Linux, OS X, Windows, Unix-like License: 2-clause BSD Interface: Web-interface Wikipedia: First release: 2007 Instiki – a wiki clone so pretty and easy to set up, you’ll wonder if it’s really a wiki. Runs on Rails and focuses on portability and stability. Supports file uploads, PDF export, … Read more



Web site: (not active) Category: Network Subcategory: Instant Messengers Platform: Linux, BSD, Solaris, Unix-like License: GNU GPL Interface: TUI Wikipedia: First release: 2007 CenterIM – a text-mode IM client for Linux, BSD, Solaris and other Unices that uses libpurple as a communication backend. ICQ2000, Yahoo!, AIM TOC, IRC, MSN, Gadu-Gadu and Jabber protocols are … Read more



Web site: Category: Network Subcategory: Web browsers Platform: Linux, OS X, Windows License: MPL Interface: GUI Wikipedia: First release: March 2007 Floorp – a Firefox based web browser built in Japan, with excellent privacy & flexibility. Features: – Strong Tracking Protection – By default, Floorp includes a robust tracking blocker, protecting users from a … Read more


c1 cms

Web site: Category: Network Subcategory: Content Management System Platform: Windows License: MPL Interface: Web-interface Wikipedia: C1 CMS First release: 2007 C1 CMS (previously: Composite C1 and Orckestra CMS) – an open-source web content management system (CMS) available under both the MPL 1.1 license and C1 CMS’s commercial license for Windows machines. C1 CMS is … Read more

BasKet Note Pads

basket note pads

Web site: Category: Office Subcategory: Notes Platform: Linux, Unix-like License: GNU GPL2+ Interface: GUI Wikipedia: BasKet Note Pads First release: 2007 BasKet Note Pads – a multi-purpose note-taking application for Unix-like operating systems. This application provides as many baskets as you wish, and you can drag and drop various objects (text, URLs, images, sounds…) … Read more