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Category: Network
Subcategory: Wiki
Platform: Linux, OS X, Windows, Unix-like
License: 2-clause BSD
Interface: Web-interface
First release: 2007

Instiki – a wiki clone so pretty and easy to set up, you’ll wonder if it’s really a wiki. Runs on Rails and focuses on portability and stability. Supports file uploads, PDF export, RSS, multiple users and password protection. Some use Instiki as a CMS (Content Management System) because of its ability to export static pages.

Instiki lowers the barriers of interest for when you might consider using a wiki. It’s so simple to get running that you’ll find yourself using it for anything — taking notes, brainstorming, organizing a gathering.

Instiki only requires a working Ruby installation (it includes all other dependencies). Any OS that can run Ruby can run Instiki – that includes Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and most known Unix flavors.

– Regular expression search: Find deep stuff really fast
– Revisions: Follow the changes on every page from birth. Rollback to an earlier rev
– Export to HTML or markup in a zip: Take the entire wiki with you home or for reference
– RSS feeds to track recently revised pages
– Multiple webs: Create separate wikis with their own namespace
– Password-protected webs: Keep it private
– Authors: Each revision is associated with an author, so you can see who changed what
– Reference tracker: Which other pages are pointing to the current?
– Five markup choices: Markdown-based choices: Markdown+itex2MML (the default; uses itex2MML), Markdown+BlahTeX/PNG (requires blahtex and a working TeX installation), Markdown Textile, RDoc
– Support for Math (using itex syntax)
– Support for WYSIWYG SVG editing – embed SVG graphics right in your wiki page.
– Embedded webserver: uses Mongrel (if installed), or the bundled WEBrick webserver (if not).
– Internationalization: Wiki words in any latin, greek, cyrillian, or armenian characters
– Color diffs: Track changes through revisions
– Runs on SQLite3 per default, can be configured to run on PostgreSQL, MySQL, DB2, Firebird, Openbase, Oracle, SQL Server or Sybase
– Optional support for Tikz pictures.

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