BasKet Note Pads

Web site:
Category: Office
Subcategory: Notes
Platform: Linux, Unix-like
License: GNU GPL2+
Interface: GUI
Wikipedia: BasKet Note Pads
First release: 2007

BasKet Note Pads – a multi-purpose note-taking application for Unix-like operating systems.

This application provides as many baskets as you wish, and you can drag and drop various objects (text, URLs, images, sounds…) into its.

Objects can be edited, copied, dragged… So, you can arrange them as you want.

It allows to :
– Manage several types of notes: Checklists, hyperlinks, images, texts.
– Organize notes hierarchically and via markers.
– Export part or all of the notes in HTML format.

It’s a DropDrawers clone for KDE 4.

The basket screenshot source: Wikipedia; License: LGPL.

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