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Category: Office
Subcategory: Text Editors
Platform: Linux, BSD, Unix-like
License: GNU GPL
Interface: GUI
Wikipedia: Mousepad
First release: 2005

Mousepad – a simple text editor for the Xfce desktop environment.

The project’s target is an editor for quickly editing text files, not a development environment or an editor with a huge bunch of plugins. On the other hand we (developers) try to use the latest GTK features available, which means that if GTK adds something new in a major release that is useful for the editor, we will likely bump the GTK dependency and integrate this new feature in Mousepad.

Mousepad is a fork of Leafpad. It was created by Erik Harrison in 2004 to add printing functionality. Mousepad is Xfce’s default text editor. Mousepad has now been completely rewritten by Nick Schermer (versions >0.3).

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