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Category: Office
Subcategory: Text Editors
Platform: DOS, Windows, OS/2
License: Proprietary
Interface: TUI
Wikipedia: MS-DOS Editor
First release: June 1991

MS-DOS Editor (edit) – a text editor included with MS-DOS since version 5.0. It was more convenient to use than the older Edlin. It was a typical DOS interactive program, so the menus were handled by the Alt and F10 keys, copying, cutting and pasting were performed with Ctrl + C, Ctrl + X and Ctrl + V, and the text was moved with the cursor keys. It also took into account the PgUp / PgDn, Insert, Delete keys.

The version that shipped with Windows 95 could replace the system Notepad because it had a lower file limitation. In the DOS 7.0 version, edit can edit files up to 65,279 lines and 5 MB of file usage (earlier versions up to 300 – 400 KB depending on free memory).

– possibility to edit 9 files at once (Windows version, but only one file of DOS version)
– ability to split the screen into two parts where you can edit two different files
– color schemes
– files can be opened in binary mode, where the number of characters per line is fixed and newlines are treated like any other character

The last version of MS-DOS Edit 2.0.026 was released in 1995.

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