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Web site: alpine.x10host.com (not active)
Category: Office
Subcategory: Text Editors
Platform: Linux, Unix-like
License: Apache
Interface: CLI
Wikipedia: Pico_(text_editor)
First release: 1989

Pico – a simple text editor which is easier to use than the common UNIX editors: vi and emacs. Pico is also the editor used by the pine mail program; so if you are used to editing mail files within pine, then you are already a pico user.

The standalone editor similar to the Alpine message composer. This is a very simple straight forward text editor. PICO commands derived from MicroEmacs-3.6.

PICO means “very small” and also stands for “PIne COmposer” (or “Pine Internal COmposer”), ie it is a text editor (composer) that ships with the Unix/DOS newsreader “PINE”.

PICO is designed to be a “simple editor”, ie only the bare minimum of commands and simply to use. Very good for beginners who wish to write emails and posts.

The editor Nano is an OpenSource project/program to replace PICO.

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