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Web site: dev.ojnk.org
Category: Network
Subcategory: Instant Messengers, IRC Clients
Platform: Linux, UNIX-like
License: GPL
Interface: Ncurses
Programing language: C, Perl
First release: 2002

Pork – a console based client for the AOL Instant Messenger service that uses the ncurses screen library. Pork is intended to be fast, useable, and stable.

It uses the OSCAR protocol (the one the windows client uses) to access AIM. Pork features Perl scripting; an online help system; the ability to configure nearly all aspects of the program’s look-and-feel; an alias system; and a powerful, fully-configurable key binding system.

It supports being logged in with more than one screen name at the same time. The default look-and-feel of the client is modeled after the ircII IRC client. Anyone comfortable using ircII (or any clients derived from it — e.g., epic, BitchX, etc.) will feel comfortable using

Pork supports IRC as well.

Pork was written by Ryan McCabe.

The latest version of Pork was released in 2005.

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