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Last Updated on: 17th November 2023, 06:15 pm

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Category: Network
Subcategory: Web Browsers
Platform: Linux, OS X, Windows, Portable
License: GPL
Interface: GUI
First release: July 22, 2017

Sushi Browser – the next generation browser which mounts the multi-panel and the video support function and so on.

The main features of Sushi Browser are:

Split Panel:
– The panel can be divided by dragging the tab towards the corner of the panel.
– It can also be divided from the right click menu on the tab as well.

Display to the opposite panel:
– By middle clicking (pressing the mouse wheel) the link you can open the page in the link to the opposite panel.
– Middle clicking with 1 panel automatically splits the display into 2 panels.

Sync scrolling:
– By pressing the Sync scroll button, 1 page can be lined up like the pages of a book.

Side (bottom) bar:
– You can open favorite pages or pages from your history using the side bar. The side bar can display web pages same as common panels.

Video download:
– Once it detects a video existing on a web page, the video icon on in the toolbar becomes red and allows video download and replay.
– Also downloading a streaming video (.m3u8) or a batch video download are available by using youtube-dl.

Pop-up window:
– If you select “Play Video in Popup Window” from the context menu right clicked on the video being played or from the menu displayed after clicking the video icon, the video will be cut out as a popup window or panel.

Mouse, keyboard operation:
– Varieties of control and setting are possible with mouse and keyboard like video player onto the videos being played.
– Mouse wheel control is assigned to Seek, Double-click is assigned to full screen mode as default.

Multi-row tab:
– Multi-row tabs can be used in the Sushi Browser. And ordinary tabs can be switched to Multi-row tabs from the main menu.

Vertical Tab, Tree Tab:
– Vertical tabs can be used in Sushi Browser. Vertical tabs can be displayed from the sidebar icon of the menu bar.
– It’s also possible to hide ordinary tabs when displaying vertical tabs.

Tab Preview:
– You can use Tap Preview of Pop-up method and sliding method.

– Equipped with a native-implemented high speed advertisement block. It is possible to set up the validity or invalidity in all page, each tab and each domain from Main menu.

Tor Tab:
– This will be a tab where it uses anonymous networking system “Tor”. It makes network with high anonymity possible.

VPN (Windows only):
– It does VPN search with MS-SSTP VPN by using VPN Gate service.

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