Web site: github.com/kirkendall/elvis Category: Office Subcategory: Text Editors Platform: Linux, BSD, OS X, Windows, Unix-like, OS/2, MS DOS License: Clartistic Interface: TUI Wikipedia: Elvis (text editor) First release: January 1990 Elvis (visual ed) – a superset of vi text editor. It runs on more operating systems than vi, it is free, and you can obtain … Read more Elvis



Web site: procmail.org Category: Network Subcategory: Email Clients Platform: Linux, UNIX-like License: GPL Interface: CLI Programing language: First release: December 7, 1990 Procmail – a versatile e-mail processor and can be used to create mail-servers, mailing lists, sort your incoming mail into separate folders/files (very convenient when subscribing to one or more mailing lists or … Read more Procmail