Web site: xenforo.com Category: Network Subcategory: Forums Platform: Cross platform License: Proprietary Interface: Web interface Wikipedia: XenForo First release: March 8, 2011 XenForo – a commercial, closed-source application for hosting an internet forum. The application is written in the PHP programming language using the Zend Framework. The software is being developed by former vBulletin makers … Read more XenForo



Web site: bluespice.com Category: Network Subcategory: Wiki Platform: Cross-platform License: GNU GPL Interface: Web interface Wikipedia: BlueSpice_MediaWiki First release: March 2011 BlueSpice – a free and open-source wiki, web based application. The BlueSpice project was originally initiated by IBM (“bluepedia”) and is being developed by the German company Hallo Welt! since 2007. In 2011, Hallo … Read more BlueSpice

Facebook Messenger

facebook messenger

Web site: messenger.com Category: Network Subcategory: Instant Messengers, VoIP Clienta Platform: Android, iOS, OS X, Windows, Web License: Proprietary, Freeware Interface: GUI Programing language: First release: August 9, 2011 Facebook Messenger (previously: Facebook Chat) – an application for messaging, video chat and contact developed by Facebook, Inc. Features: – Messenger allows you to chat on … Read more Facebook Messenger



Web site: airdcpp.net Category: Network Subcategory: Peer2Peer Clients Platform: Linux, Windows, Web client License: GPL Interface: GUI Programing language: C++ First release: 2011 AirDC++ – an easy to use client for Advanced Direct Connect and Direct Connect networks. You are able to join “hubs” with other users, and chat, perform searches and browse the share … Read more AirDC++



Web site: wechat.com/en/ Category: Network Subcategory: Instant Messengers Platform: Android, iOS, OS X, Windows, Web client License: Freeware, Proprietary Interface: GUI Programing language: First release: January 21, 2011 WeChat – a messaging and social media app, a lifestyle for over one billion users across the world. Chat and make calls with friends, read news and … Read more WeChat