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Web site: Category: Office Subcategory: Text Editors Platform: Linux, OS X, Windows License: BSD Interface: GUI Wikipedia: First release: 2013 Lime Text – a powerful and elegant text editor primarily developed in Go. It aims to be a free and open-source software successor to Sublime Text. Lime has a few frontends (QML, command-line interface) … Read more Lime Text



Web site: Category: Network Subcategory: Forums Platform: Cross-platform License: MIT Interface: Web-interface Wikipedia: First release: 2013 Thredded – an open source discussion forum application. Thredded is written in the Ruby programming language and can be used as part of an existing Ruby on Rails application. The leitmotif of Thredded is rich equipment and simplicity. … Read more Thredded



Web site: Category: Network Subcategory: RSS Readers Platform: Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Web browser License: Proprietary, Freemium, Interface: GUI Programing language: First release: 2013 Inoreader – a news reader for power users. With Inoreader you can also monitor news about specific keywords, save pages from the web for viewing later or subscribe to social … Read more Inoreader



Web site: Category: Network Subcategory: RSS Readers Platform: Cross-paltform License: Apache 2.0 Interface: GUI Programing language: Java First release: 2013 CommaFeed – a free and open source, self hosted feed reader which can be hosted as a web application on a web server. Google Reader inspired self-hosted RSS reader, based on Dropwizard and AngularJS. … Read more CommaFeed



Web site: Category: Network Subcategory: Peer2Peer Clients Platform: BSD, Haiku, GNU/Hurd, Linux, OS X, Windows License: GPL Interface: GUI Programing language: C++, Qt First release: 2013 EiskaltDC++ – a cross-platform program that uses the Direct Connect and ADC protocols. It is compatible with DC++, FlylinkDC++, LinuxDC++ and other DC clients. EiskaltDC++ also interoperates with … Read more EiskaltDC++