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Category: Network
Subcategory: Wiki
Platform: Linux, Unix-like
License: unknow
Interface: Web-interface
Wikipedia: WikiWikiWeb
First release: 1995

WikiWikiWeb – the world’s first wiki software. This wiki accompanies the Portland Pattern Repository (PPR) at and is located at The term wiki, which is used to describe modifiable Web pages such as Wikipedia, comes from the original wiki.

WikiWikiWeb was started in 1994 by Ward Cunningham to facilitate the exchange of ideas among developers, and installed under the domain of his company Cunningham & Cunningham on March 25, 1995.

WikiWikiWeb plays an important role on the World Wide Web and the Internet because of its influence on online communities. WikiWikiWeb’s focus on programming makes its content quite difficult to understand for non-computer scientists, but despite this, the wiki idea has been picked up by other creators and used to build their own wiki systems.

Wiki communities outside WikiWikiWeb have implemented their own wiki systems to create wikis focused on content other than programming.

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