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Last Updated on: 12th December 2023, 01:04 pm

Web site: wpdiscussionboard.com
Category: Network
Subcategory: Forums
Platform: BSD, Linux, OS X, Windows
License: GNU GPL
Interface: Web-interface
First release: 2020

WP Discussion Board – an easy way to add a forum to your WordPress site. It has a one-click installation and stacks of essential features that make it the leading WordPress forum plugin.

In brief:
– Users can register and log in via a front-end form
– Users post new forum topics via a simple form
– Each forum topic is displayed on its own page where other users can reply

A key feature of Discussion Board is the ability to control separately who can view your WordPress forum and who can actually post to it. You can specify the required role for users to post new topics and, separately, you can specify the required role for users to view topics. So, for instance, you could allow anyone to view the content but only permit specific user roles to post content.

You can specify which role new users will be assigned when they register. You can also require users to activate their registration by verifying their email address – this drastically reduces spam registrations.

Discussion Board has a complete front-end registration and log-in system. You can choose whether to use the standard WordPress system or keep everything on the front-end.

As well as the restrictions over registration, you can limit the frequency that users can re-post. This will reduce possible spamming. As the owner of the site, you can also choose whether new topics should be published immediately or held as draft in order for you to moderate them. You can use standard WordPress settings to determine moderation levels for comments or set different rules for topics.

Discussion Board is designed to work with any theme. You can update colors through the Customizer. Currently, there is a choice of three layouts, using either the standard WordPress archive layout from your theme or more classic forum layouts.

The Pro version gives you more possibilities with your forum, such as:
– Multiple Discussion Boards for different subjects
– Set statuses for topics, e.g. ‘Resolved’, ‘Open’, etc
– Categories and tags
– Image uploads
– User profiles
– Topic following (subscribe to topics)
– Board following – subscribe to a board and get notified of all new topics and comments for that board
– Board permissions – set topics within boards to be post-only (so no replies) or author-only (only the author can view replies)
– Admin approvals – optionally require all new registrations to be approved by an admin
– WYSIWYG editor

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