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Category: Office
Subcategory: Notes
Platform: Windows
License: Freemium
Interface: GUI
Wikipedia: AllMyNotes Organizer
First release: 2009

AllMyNotes Organizer – an outliner application that allows you to store documents and text notes in a single file. The documents are organized in the form of a hierarchical tree structure which allows quick navigation by theme. There is also a portable version that can be copied to a USB stick, iPod or removable hard drive and allows the software to be used on any PC without prior installation.

AllMyNotes Organizer allows you to effortlessly combine text, files, images, alarms, tables, and tasks (checkboxes) for all your data management needs. This application is the ultimate Swiss army knife for organizing and storing your data. The innovative Outliner concept enables you to customize and categorize your information in a nested folder hierarchy tree, just like organizing files on your computer.

– Portable version is available if you need to keep all your data handy on USB media, iPod, or removable HDD.
– Friendly and customer-oriented support is available to help you.
– The view for quick preview of Notes and Folder content.
– Simply Ctrl+Click on phone number anywhere in the text. Supported Skype, NetMeeting, TAPI, and any other call providers.
– Quickly capture clipboard content and access to commonly used features via system tray menu.
– Many drag-and-drop features: Drag in files and folders, quickly reorder documents in the tree and even move them between folders.
– Importing from following file formats – RTF, CSV, TXT, HTML, Evernote (.enex), and KeyNote (.knt) files.
– Exporting to following file formats RTF, HTML, and TXT file formats.
– Integrated the Password Generator.
– Automatic DB file backuping.
– Alarm and Reminder system allows associating alarms to Notes and Folders.
– Insert multiple Alarm Objects right in to the Note text.
– Colorize Topics.
– Associate Icons to your data for intuitive navigation.
– Organize Notes in Folders hierarchy, group them by topic for quick access.
– Rich-Text editor with different formatting features, automatic hyperlinking of URLs, e-mail, phones, file attachments, tables, and images.
– Data file is Encoded at the disk. You can enter a Password to restrict your valuable notes against unauthorized access! We are using 1800-bit encryption key also when the password is unassigned, to leave no traces of your data on a hard disk or USB device.
– • Instant Global Search, for searching text across all your documents with various options. Filter-as-you-type for quick, real-time. Global search advanced powerful Google-like expressions.

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