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Category: Office
Subcategory: HTML Editors
Platform: cross-platform
License: LGPL
Interface: GUI
First release: November 14, 1996

Arachnophilia – a powerful programming editor with some special HTML production and editing features. It is the successor to another HTML editor, WebThing.

– Create HTML pages using a suite of powerful tools.
– Upload your Web site to your Internet service provider using Arachnophilia’s built-in FTP service.
– Fully customize Arachnophilia’s menus, toolbars and keyboard commands. Arachnophilia lets you create or remove any commands, toolbars, or menus you want to.
– Beautify, and analyze the structure of, your Web pages, so they will be more likely to be error-free and work correctly with more browsers.
– Create working environments for many kinds of programming tasks using Arachnophilia’s fully customizable menus and toolbars.

Most modern programs require you to learn from them, but the basic design goal of Arachnophilia is to learn as much as it can from you. Arachnophilia lets you instruct it, tell it which keys do what, and include new instructions that meet your requirements.

Supported Filetypes for Beautification/Reformatting :
– Identified by suffix: XHTML, XML, HTML, C, C++, Java, Ruby, Perl, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, Shell Script
– Identified by heuristic: any source filetype containing ‘{‘,’}’ braces

The current embodiment of Arachnophilia represents well over a decade of development work in three phases:
– 1993-1996: An earlier program named “WebThing”
– 1996-2002: A C++ version of Arachnophilia
– 2002-present: Java versions of Arachnophilia

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