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Category: Network
Subcategory: VoIP Clients
Platform: Linux, OS X, Windows
License: Freeware, Shareware
Interface: GUI
First release: December 2009

Blink – a real-time communications client using the SIP protocol available for Windows, Linux and OSX. Blink can conference audio calls locally.

– Multiple SIP accounts
– iCloud account syncing between multiple computers
– Keychain support for encrypted password storage
– Built-in SIP account sign-up at
– Handle TEL and SIP URLs clicked in other applications
– Voice Over accessibility support
– Integrates System Address Book
– Server Storage (XCAP protocol)
– Directory search (LDAP protocol)
– Bonjour neighbours (MDNS protocol)
– Automatic backups
– Answering machine
– DTMF support
– Silent mode
– Call: recording, transfer, waiting
– Mute microphone
– Message Waiting Indicator (MWI)
– ICE NAT traversal
– Web page integration with caller information
– Displays RTP end-point information
– Displays codec, packet loss and RTT
– Telephone dialpad
– End-to-end encryption zRTP encryption
– Wideband Audio (using Opus codec)
– Conference Information (conference-info event package)
– Add/remove Participants (out-of-dialog REFER method)
– Instant Messaging (MSRP chatroom support)
– File Transfers (MSRP file transfer support)
– Screen Sharing (JPEG streaming over MSRP)
– Support for SIP addresses and telephone numbers
– Strip unwanted characters from telephone numbers
– Replace leading + sign from phone numbers with a numeric prefix account
– Custom prefix for outgoing calls to phone numbers
– Automatic DTMF sending after connect with # as delimiter
– Automatic account section for outgoing calls based on dial plans
– Automatic fail-over to next next-hop when available
– Redial for the last call
– and much more…

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