Dropbox Paper

Web site: paper.dropbox.com
Category: Office
Subcategory: Notes
Platform: Android, iOS
License: Proprietary
Interface: Web-interface
Wikipedia: Dropbox Paper
First release: October 15, 2015

Dropbox Paper – a web application launched in 2015 as a collaborative document-editing service by Dropbox. The service is available via a web browser and via an application for iOS and Android users.

Dropbox Paper is more than a document – it’s a collaborative editing tool that lets you create and coordinate activities in one place. Dropbox Paper is available for free with every Dropbox account.

– Real-time collaboration. Seamlessly edit, format and comment on documents with your team.
– Order for all. Assign tasks, add deadlines and tag people – directly from the document level.
– View (and play) virtually anything. Embed a YouTube video, GIF, Pinterest board, Google map, SoundCloud clip, Figma or Invision content, or more into your document.
– Get inspiration on your phone or tablet. Jot down ideas, take photos, and provide feedback on your work whenever you feel inspired.
– Well designed. Thanks to simple formatting functions and an aesthetic appearance, you can create beautiful works without spending long hours on it.
– Transform documents into presentations. Automatically turn documents into professional-looking presentations.
– Notes from the meeting. Keep your team up to date. Keep all your meeting materials in one place – introductory documents, agendas, minutes, next steps and task assignments.

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