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Category: Network
Subcategory: Email Clients
Platform: Cross-platform
License: GPL
Interface: CLI
First release: 1987

Gnus (Gnus Network User Services) – a text based email reader which started as a standalone application but is part of GNU Emacs now. It supports reading and composing e-mail and news and can also act as an RSS reader, web processor, and directory browser for both local and remote filesystems.

Gnus can connect to the Gmail server in two ways: by POP3, or by IMAP. Each protocol behaves in a different way, so you can select the one which better suits your needs. Furthermore, as a third solution you can download your mail with an external program like fetchmail and let Gnus handle it locally.

– Gnus is solid
– Works on all platforms
– Less hardware resource required
– Searcher and filter is great
– Mail can be viewed when offline. See the “offline” in section “Advanced tips”
– Powerful when used with other Emacs plugins like yasnippet

Gnus was originally written by Masanobu UMEDA in 1988, and went through a series of releases up until 1992.
Rewriting of GNUS started in late ’94. The first “proper” release of Gnus 5 was done in November 1995 when it was included in the Emacs 19.30 distribution (132 (ding) Gnus releases plus 15 Gnus 5.0 releases).
In May 1996 the next Gnus generation (aka. “September Gnus” (after 99 releases)) was released under the name “Gnus 5.2” (40 releases).
On July 28th 1996 work on Red Gnus was begun, and it was released on January 25th 1997 (after 84 releases) as “Gnus 5.4”.
Quassia Gnus was the next release. It was released as Gnus 5.6.
Then came Pterodactyl Gnus, which has now been released as Gnus 5.8/5.9.
Oort Gnus was started in October 2000. It’s big, it’s way out there, and it occasionally rains down death and destruction on innocent bystanders.
Oort Gnus was released as Gnus 5.10 in May 2003 – and Gnus 5.11 bundled with GNU Emacs 22.1 in June 2007.
Work on the following development version, dubbed No Gnus, was begun in January 2004. A version of No Gnus was released as Gnus 5.13 with GNU Emacs 23.1 in July 2009.

Stable versions of Gnus is included in the Emacs and XEmacs editors.

The Gnus screenshot source: Wikipedia; author: Shidai.liu; License: GNU GPL.

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