Web site: hatta-wiki.org
Category: Network
Subcategory: Wiki
Platform: Cross-platform
License: GPL
Interface: Web-interface
First release: unknown

Hatta – a wiki engine is software that lets you run a wiki. You can run it privately on your own computer to just take some personal notes, or you can install it on some server on the web for everyone to use.

Hatta’s pages are just plain text files (and also images, binaries, etc.) in some directory in your repository. For example, you can put it in your project’s “docs” directory to keep documentation. The files can be edited both from the wiki or with a text editor – in either case the changes committed to the repository will appear in the recent changes and in page’s history.

This opens a whole array of possibilities. You can clone, merge and synchronize your wikis by cloning, merging or synchronizing the repositories. You can keep a local copy of it, and run Hatta locally on your laptop – then upload the changes when they are ready.

– Full history of pages
– ATOM feed
– Fast search and backlinks
– Ability to store images and other binaries
– Customizable from within the wiki itself
– Everything is stored as simple files
– Syntax highlighting with Pygments
– Carefully designed, explorable, RESTfull URLs
– Good default settings
– Single (zip) file
– Works as standalone web server or WSGI application
– Restricts the web crawlers using robots.txt and meta tags
– Ability to show mathematical formulas using external service
– Preview of the page being edited
– Smart use of HTTP cache headers
– Merging of edit conflicts

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