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Category: Office
Subcategory: Notes
Platform: Windows
License: MPL
Interface: GUI
Wikipedia: Keynote
First release: 2001

Keynote (now: KeyNote NF) – a tabbed notebook with RichText editor, multi-level notes and strong encryption for MS Windows users.

The KeyNote NF project is an evolution of Tranglos Keynote (of Marek Jedlinski), with new features:

– Unicode compliant
– Improvement in image management
– Alternative to .chm files: can be used to generate help files for other applications
– Redesigned navigation history mechanism
– New KeyNote file format: compressed
– Improved Find All
– Improved treatment of links, and new internal KNT links, vinculated to markers, not only to caret position
– Improved Clipboard Capture / Web Clip
– Better treatment of tables
– Improved Export
– Checkboxes on children of selected nodes
– Hidden nodes
– New kind of virtual nodes: links to other nodes (Mirror nodes)
– New button: ‘Copy Format’
– Added ‘KeyNote’ as target format in File | Export
– Alarms on nodes
– Added a new property, “Default Zoom”, and new action: View | Alternative Margins
– Multilanguage support

Since version 1.7.4 the program has been renamed from “KeyNote” to “KeyNote NF”.

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