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Web site: freshmeat.sourceforge.net/projects/leeditor (not active)
Category: Office
Subcategory: Text Editors
Platform: Linux, Unix-like
License: GNU GPL
Interface: CLI
Wikipedia: LE_(text_editor)
First release: 1997

LE – a text editor which offers wide range of capabilities with a simple interface. It has a pull down menu and a simple help system to get started.

LE has many block operations with stream and rectangular blocks, can edit both unix and dos style files (LF/CRLF), is binary clean, has hex mode, can edit text with multibyte character encoding, has full undo/redo, can edit files and mmap’able devices in mmap shared mode (only replace), has tunable syntax highlighting, tunable color scheme (can use default colors), tunable key map, tunable menu. It is slightly similar to Norton Editor for DOS, but has more features.

The project author is Alexander V. Lukyanov.

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