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Web site: www.nice.com/products/digital-self-service/knowledge-management
Category: Network, Office
Subcategory: Wiki, Content Management System, Customer Relationship Management
Platform: Windows, Mono
License: Proprietary (service), GNU GPL (application)
Interface: Web interface
Wikipedia: MindTouch
First release: 2006

MindTouch – a collaborative web software under GPLv2 and LGPLv2 licenses.

Originally derived from MediaWiki, the main additions focused on the WYSIWYG editor and improved search engine (based on lucene) indexing content and page attachments.

MindTouch was founded by Aaron Fulkerson and Steve Bjorg in 2005.

MindTouch is a fork of MediaWiki, first released (under the name DekiWiki) in July 2006, featuring XHTML instead of wikitext, a WYSIWYG editor, and Lucene-based search. As a result, the backend was completely re-implemented in C#, resulting in an API built as web services on a new DReAM (“Distributed REST Application Manager”) server and toolkit.

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