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Category: Network
Subcategory: IRC clients
Platform: Windows
License: Apache
Interface: GUI
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Nettalk – a powerful but easy to use free (open source) IRC-client for Windows. In contrast to many other IRC clients, as Nettalk’s user interface is based on Windows standards, it allows inexperienced users to quickly learn it and become comfortable with IRC.

The smart user interface is based on Windows standards, so it is easy to get used to it. The following languages for the interface are available: English, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Hungarian and German.

One of the features of Nettalk includes the ability to hold the configuration of servers separately (or even multiple connections to the same server), and to maintain aspects of these automatically. These include Nick Serv-identifications and the channels which were in use when last disconnected. By automatically tracking these for you, when you next connect your identity and preferred channels are automatically restored.

Nettalk has many features including alerts when your nick is mentioned, the generation of HTML pages so that you can keep conversations for later, full logging, the support for DCC, multiple colours, watched friend lists, full screen private messaging, whispering and for advanced users a Visual Basic like scripting language.

– Comfortable management of many IRC-connections
– Automatic command completion
– Automatic syntax completion
– Automatic nick completion
– Text de/encryption
– Spelling check
– Script support (with Basic-syntax)
– Plug-in support
– On Screen displaying of messages (e.g. in games)
– Displaying of messages during working in Windows.
– Automatic storing of connections and there properties including opened channels
– DCC chat end file transfer
– Unicode by using UTF-8 for chans, nicks and text
– Sock proxy support
– Easy configurable text and menu shortcuts
– Configurable colors and background image
– And much more…

The project founder is Nicolas Kruse.

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