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Web site: qwebirc.org
Category: Network
Subcategory: IRC clients
Platform: Cross-platform
License: GPL
Interface: Web interface
First release: 2008

qwebirc – a fast, easy to use, free and open source IRC client designed by and originally just for the QuakeNet IRC network.

– qwebirc is an AJAX IRC client.
– Open source (GPLv2).
– Supports most ircds out of the box.
– Multiple channels and queries.
– Nick list with menus.
– Scalability via trivial sharding with sticky sessions.
– Cross platform (pure Python), so works under Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, and probably more platforms.
– SSL/TLS support for the browser and server.
– Supports hot-reconfiguration of backend servers via hadns.
– Embedded webserver (no messing around with your existing webserver).
– Optional dedicated message and/or notice windows.
– Irssi style /msg, query, channel and nickname autocompletion (sorted correctly by last used/spoke order).
– Passes user hostnames through directly to the IRC server via the WEBIRC/CGIIRC commands.
– Keyboard shortcuts for window selection (alt+a, alt+1..0).
– Irssi style global input history.
– Mouse wheel on tabs.
– Unicode (UTF-8) support.
– Clickable channels, links and authnames.
– mIRC colour/underline/bold support.
– Minimalistic design with a neutral colour scheme.
– Irssi style multiple highlight levels.
– Wizard to allow users to easily embed the client into their own websites.
– Theming support.
– Notifications via sound and/or title/icon flashing.
– Direct user feedback support via email.
– Admin interface, allows viewing and control of connected users.
– Limited support for authserv/nickserv/chanserv.
– Heavily optimised to minimise bandwidth, cpu usage and browser load-time.

Copyright © 2008-2017 Chris Porter and the qwebirc project.

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