OH Browser

Last Updated on: 5th December 2023, 06:05 pm

Web site: sites.google.com/view/onehandyapps/
Category: Network
Subcategory: Web browsers
Platform: Android
License: Freeware
Interface: GUI
First release:

OH Browser – a web browser for mobile devices which takes browsing to the next level, has reinvented the mobile browsing experience and everything has been redesigned for intuitive browsing. OH has all controls at the bottom, lets you ne-handed use with intuitive gestures.

* One handed usability / reachability
* Bottom address(URL) bar / toolbar
* Poweful & fastest ad blocker
* Multiple Search Engines
* Private Mode Web Browsing
* Night Mode
* Full screen mode
* Save page as PDF
* Save page as Web-Archive
* No-Image mode
* Light weight
* Battery saving
* Speedy webkit engine
* Text Zoom
* No unwanted permissions
* No messy settings, it just works
* Absolutely Minimal
* Perfect for lazy times

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