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Category: Network
Subcategory: Content Management System
Platform: Cross-platform
License: GNU LGPL
Interface: Web-interface
Wikipedia: OpenCms
First release: 2000

OpenCms – a professional, easy to use website content management system. OpenCms helps content managers worldwide to create and maintain beautiful websites fast and efficiently.

The fully browser based user interface features configurable editors for structured content with well defined fields. Alternatively, content can be created using an integrated WYSIWYG editor similar to well known office applications. A sophisticated template engine enforces a site-wide corporate layout and W3C standard compliance for all content.

OpenCms is based on Java and XML technology. It can be deployed in an open source environment (e.g. Linux, Apache, Tomcat, MySQL) as well as on commercial components (e.g. Windows NT, IIS, BEA Weblogic, Oracle).

– The page editor allows WYSIWYG inline editing of web pages and arrangement of content by drag & drop.
– The form based editor allows editing of structured content in a well defined form mask.
– The sitemap editor allows to create new pages and re-arrange the navigation tree by drag & drop.
– Responsive “Mercury” default template based on Bootstrap 4 with many features.
– Headless API for accessing content as JSON from external applications.
– Content creation for mobile devices with preview and device specific content control.
– Structured contents can be defined using a simple XML schema.
– Easy to use “Online / Offline” workflow, changes must be approved before they become visible.
– Link management for all internal resources with broken link detection.
– Integrated image scaling and cropping.
– SEO features with automatic sitemap.xml generation and page alias support.
– Full featured user management that supports the concept of “Organizational Units” (OUs).
– Allows management of multiple websites within one installation.
– Contents can be served dynamically or exported to static HTML files.
– File access to the OpenCms content repository over a shared network / SMB drive.
– CMIS and WebDAV access to the OpenCms content repository.
– Integrates Apache SOLR for powerful content searching and noSQL like queries.
– Full text search for web pages as well as in office documents like PDF, MS Office and Open Office.
– Extensions can be added through a flexible module system.
– The “time warp” feature allows to view resources which are expired or not yet released.
– JSP integration for dynamic functionality in templates, dynamic forms etc.

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