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Category: Network
Subcategory: Content Management System
Platform: Cross-platform
License: Proprietary (Enterprise Edition), LGPL (Community Edition)
Interface: Web-interface
Wikipedia: Alfresco Software
First release: 2005

Alfresco – an open source content management system founded in 2005 by John Newton and John Powell. In the initial phase of development, the system focused on document management, but in 2006 its capabilities were extended to content management.

Alfresco is available in three different variants to choose from:
– Alfresco Community Edition – an open source, free application available under the LGPL license, which has limitations compared to the Enterprise version
– Alfresco Enterprise Edition – commercial, proprietary open source application, targeted at more demanding users
– Alfresco Cloud Edition – application as a service (SaaS), available without installation, directly on the Alfresco server.

The open source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software that handles any type of content, allowing users to easily share and collaborate on content.

– Robust content repository — A standards compliant repository that supports a wide range of feature
– Productive team collaboration interface — Alfresco Share offers a user friendly interface for managing your content
– Productivity app integration (including Microsoft Office and Google Docs)
– Add-ons — Ability to download and install additional community driven extensions
– Easy integration and extension — Create custom content models and bespoke workflows, or easily extend with REST APIs and the Application Development Framework
– Alfresco Mobile apps for iOS and Android — Alfresco Mobile apps for iOS and Android (including SDKs)
– Document Transformations — creates PDF and thumbnail renditions for uploaded content
– Formal Records Management — Core Records Management capabilities

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