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Category: Office
Subcategory: Text Editors
Platform: Unix
License: unknown
Interface: CLI
First release: unknown

Sedt – a Unix text editor based on EDT. Sedt functions (nearly) identically to the edt editor found on many VAX systems. It is supported in order to provide a simpler transition for users of VMS to the UNIX systems. Sedt works best if it thinks it’s running on a vt100 terminal.

Depending on what programs you typically use and which terminals you typically log into, you might want to include the above command in your .cshrc file (this file sets a number of defaults for your account when you log in).

To start the sedt editor, simply type ‘sedt filename’ where filename is the name of the file you wish to edit. The screen will be filled with the first lines of the file. If you leave off the filename, then sedt will create a new unnamed file. If the file you specify does not exist, then sedt will create a new file, and assign it the given name.

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